Add emails to a Teams conversation in one click

Email TeamMate is a Microsoft Teams add-in that empowers you to add emails to a conversation without leaving Teams.

You can collaborate with co-workers inside Microsoft Teams, about emails exchanged with external suppliers, customers, and partners.

Share Emails With
Colleagues in Teams

Discuss emails received from external suppliers, customers, and partners with your colleagues, without losing focus.

View and Reply to
Emails in Teams

Co-workers can click to open emails you’ve added to Teams conversations. Then, they can reply to an email with one click. It’s never been easier to get work done.

Find the Right Email
to Share

Quickly find the email you want to share with colleagues using a native Outlook interface within Teams.


Get Help From
Colleagues in Real-time

Received an email from a customer and don’t know how to reply? Share the email with your Team and get their input.

Be Productive While
Working from Home

Add external emails to internal Teams conversations creates a unified, coherent view of the business process at hand. Seeing the big picture to make the right decision has never been easier.

Maintain Focus

Outlook or Teams? It doesn’t matter because with Email TeamMate, discussions are seamless across Outlook and Microsoft Teams. Be part of the conversation wherever you spend your worktime.

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